Online Training

Indian Country Training offers interactive, rich media online training, including SCORM-compliant e-learning courses, webinars, live broadcasts, online reference libraries and more. Our learning management system allows for full federal compliance, and includes in-course and post-course assessments as well as evaluations after each course. 

Online training is an excellent and cost-effective solution for reaching tribes throughout Indian Country. Professionals who train using our online courses save their departments money and increase productivity. 

Using every resource at our command, we help create realistic prevention responses and take pride in our unparalleled training product.

How Much Does Online Training Cost?

There's no "right" answer for how much online training may cost, because so much depends on what we're starting with and what we're going to do with it. A simple slideshow with narration will require very different kind of effort from scenario or game based training. 

This chart explores industry standards for developing different kinds of online training.

ICTI Training Catalog

Instructional Design Process

Indian Country Training Institute uses an instructional design process that can be adapted for any need, any audience and any delivery environment.